Pet emergency kit

Pet Preparedness Month Tips


See below to find a free printable PDF copy of this checklist

As June is Pet Preparedness Month, we’ve been sharing some good information on social media regarding how to include your pet in your disaster/emergency preparedness plans. Tips have included:

-Taking and keeping a selfie of you with your dog on your phone so you can prove ownership if separated;

Partnering with a neighbor to check on your pet in case you aren’t home in the event of an emergency; and

-In advance, research and make a list of pet-friendly hotels, shelters and emergency vets along your evacuation route. You can find pet-friendly hotels at

And our last tip for the month? Make sure to put together an emergency pet kit so you can quickly grab it if a disaster strikes. Click here for a printable PDF for your reference.

For more information on pet preparedness, check out the Pets and Animals webpage by clicking here. Let’s keep our pets healthy and safe the whole year through!