Our Services at Dundee Animal Hospital

For over 60 years, Dundee Animal Hospital has been caring for pets in Chicago's Northwest suburbs. Over the years, we have added a comprehensive list of available veterinary services to help pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives. From annual vet exams to laser therapy treatment, our staff is here for every aspect of your pet's health. Learn more about the veterinary services we provide at our Dundee, Elgin and Algonquin locations! See the list below and click through each service link for additional information.​

Pet Wellness Care: Every pet deserves a customized wellness plan to meet their needs and keep them healthy. We'll create a wellness plan for your pet based on their specific lifestyle.

Vaccinations: Vaccines are an important way to prevent diseases in pets and help them live longer. Find out what vaccines we can offer to benefit your four-legged family member.

24/7 Emergency Vet: Did your pet just swallow a sock? Do they seem lethargic? If your pet is having a medical emergency, you have options. Find out what constitutes a health emergency, and who to call for after-hours care.

Avian Exotic and Pocket Pets: If you have a bird, ferret or hamster, we would be happy to help you take care of them. Exotics and pocket pets need routine veterinary care just like cats and dogs.

Diagnostics: Diagnostics are an important tool for examining your pet internally and making a complete assessment of their health. It also helps us detect hidden problems that may require immediate treatment. Must have an existing client/patient relationship with Dundee Animal Hospital; cannot be a new client referral.

Teeth Cleaning: Dental care should be a routine part of your pet's life. We can help you devise a dental plan that accommodates your pet's needs while also preventing harmful infections and diseases from developing.

Surgeries: We can use surgery in various ways to treat pets and ensure that they stay healthy. Our AAHA-accredited hospital utilizes the most modern tools and equipment to minimize risks and keep pets comfortable.

Spay and Neuter: Spaying and neutering can do more than prevent pregnancies. They can also improve your pet's health and quality of life by eliminating cancer risks and reducing undesirable behaviors.

Euthanasia and Cremation: Our compassionate team knows how much pets mean to their families. If you need help making decisions regarding end-of-life care or cremation for your pet, we're always here to help you. Call: (866) 466-3838

Home Vet Service: We offer mobile vet house calls for any pets that are unable to travel to our hospitals, in addition to cats that are difficult to handle outside of the home.

Why People Trust Dundee Animal Hospital

  • Over 60 Years of Veterinary Knowledge & Experience
  • 24/7 Emergency Services Available
  • Committed to the Safety of Your Pets
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  • “Dundee was able to see her as a new patient same day in an HOUR! They were so amazing, I felt so relieved knowing she was being taken good care of.”

    - Natalie
  • “The staff was amazing and compassionate to her and my family. We got a letter today from the staff offering more condolences. It brought me to tears. Thank you for your kindness.”

    - Amanda E.
  • “I have brought my pets since 1964 and I can tell you that they are professional very caring and treat them just like their own pets.”

    - David R.