Avian Exotic And Pocket Pets

Pocket Pet, Avian & Exotic Vet Care

Dogs and cats are our most frequent visitors, but we can also provide pocket pet*, avian and exotic vet care by appointment during non-emergency hours at our Dundee, Algonquin, and Elgin locations*. We hope that by offering these services, we can keep more pets healthy and happy, and educate their owners in caring for them properly.

Dr. Adamo, Dr. Lupo, and Dr. O'Brien are well trained in treating less conventional pets. Your furry or feathered friend should see us routinely for wellness checks, imaging and diagnostics. Whether your ideal pet is a hedgehog, ferret, Scarlet macaw or hamster, they deserve the best treatment we can offer.

Before you adopt your new pet, it's important to understand the responsibility they will require. Avians, exotics and pocket pets need lots of care and attention and should see their veterinarian at least once a year for a comprehensive exam.

*Due to allergies, we are only able to treat rabbits and guinea pigs at our Elgin location.

Avian Vet Care

Birds are social animals with very specific needs. If you recently adopted a bird, we need to see them for a physical exam, and may also recommend blood work or a fecal test. This allows us to determine a health baseline and check for signs of illness. Birds will instinctively hide their illnesses as a defense mechanism. Therefore, routine exams can help us catch problems early or prevent them altogether.

During the exam, your avian vet will discuss diet, housing, grooming and handling, and answer any questions you have. Other services we can provide for birds include wing and nail trimming. Beak trimming is not normally necessary for birds, but may be needed if they have a health or nutritional issue.

Caring For Your Exotic Pet

Exotic pet care applies to a range of species, from reptiles to ferrets. As with cats, dogs, and birds, we recommend annual health evaluations. We also welcome questions regarding their care, whether it relates to their feeding habits, behaviors, living arrangements or overall health. We may also perform a fecal exam and other diagnostics to check for diseases and parasites, which can be harmful to your pet if left untreated.

Pocket Pet Care

When it comes to pocket pets, looks are deceiving. Despite their small size, they need considerable space to accommodate their day-to-day activities, along with a climate-controlled environment. Pocket pets are sensitive to temperature changes and, like other animals, will try to hide any signs of illness. During their wellness exam, we would be happy to answer your questions about their diet, proper handling, habitat, socialization and behavior. If you need recommendations for appropriate housing or other aspects of your pet's care, we would be glad to help you.

Due to allergies, we are only able to see or treat rabbits and guinea pigs at our Elgin location.

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