AAHA Accredited

We Are AAHA Accredited!

As a practice and as your pet's primary medical provider, we never want to settle for service that is less than stellar. Being your chosen veterinarian is a privilege, but maintaining your trust and keeping your pet healthy requires more than compassion and reliability. Therefore, Dundee Animal Hospital has gone a step further than roughly 85% of all other animal hospitals in North America by becoming an AAHA-accredited practice. Through our accreditation, we hope to continue exceeding our clients' expectations in every aspect of veterinary medicine. Furthermore, being accredited enables us to give your pet the care they truly deserve--at every visit.


AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association, the sole accrediting organization for small animal hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. Established in 1933, AAHA has since inspired approximately 15% of all North American animal hospitals to strive for excellence in veterinary medicine. In choosing to become accredited, our team has taken up the challenge of becoming a superior animal hospital in every respect. This means excelling in areas such as pain management, client and patient care, anesthesia and monitoring, equipment, safety techniques and much more. We have chosen this status due to our genuine passion for helping animals and nurturing strong bonds in our community.

Becoming an AAHA-accredited hospital is one step; maintaining accreditation is another. Every three years, AAHA experts evaluate our practice in over 900 areas of veterinary care and service. To remain accredited, we must pass inspection in all of these areas. Animal hospitals that hold this distinction are thorough, responsive, sanitary and above all, safe. We are proud to be an example of veterinary excellence in our community, and will continue to go above and beyond for you and your pet.

To learn more about AAHA, visit aaha.org. To speak with one of our team members about our accreditation, just give us a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions!

Why AAHA Accreditation Matters

Why AAHA Accreditation Matters For You & Your Pet

Unlike human hospitals, veterinary hospitals are not required to be accredited to practice veterinary medicine. And did you know that almost 60% of people believe their veterinarian is accredited when they're actually not? So, why does it matter whether or not your vet is AAHA-accredited? Watch this short video to learn more about why it matters that our three hospitals are AAHA-accredited and how these high standards ensure your pet will be receiving the very best in care at Dundee Animal Hospital!

Why People Trust Dundee Animal Hospital

  • Over 60 Years of Veterinary Knowledge & Experience
  • 24/7 Emergency Services Available
  • Committed to the Safety of Your Pets
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  • “Dundee was able to see her as a new patient same day in an HOUR! They were so amazing, I felt so relieved knowing she was being taken good care of.”

    - Natalie
  • “The staff was amazing and compassionate to her and my family. We got a letter today from the staff offering more condolences. It brought me to tears. Thank you for your kindness.”

    - Amanda E.
  • “I have brought my pets since 1964 and I can tell you that they are professional very caring and treat them just like their own pets.”

    - David R.