Cat & Dog Microchipping in Kane County

A loose collar, a frayed leash, a door ajar or a momentary distraction. Sometimes, that’s all it takes for a pet to go missing. And while an updated ID tag on your pet’s collar can help, tags can also fall off and go missing, or be easily removed. On the other hand, a cat or dog microchip is forever; it can’t be removed, misplaced, or dropped. At Dundee Animal Hospital, we recommend that every pet be microchipped to give them the best chance at returning home.

How Pet Microchips Work

A cat or dog microchip is not a miniature GPS system, so it can’t track your pet’s movements and location. However, it does contain information that connects them to you. Each individual microchip contains a unique ID number, and when you register your pet’s microchip as directed, their chip can be scanned anytime for its ID number, which is then entered into a universal database to bring up your contact information. Animal hospitals, shelters, and some police stations have microchip scanners available to check for microchips in pets.

Benefits of Microchipping My Pet

Microchipping your pet provides a secure and permanent form of identification, significantly increasing the chances of a safe return if they get lost. It serves as proof of ownership and helps in reuniting with your beloved companion swiftly. This simple and painless procedure offers peace of mind, ensuring your pet's safety and protection

Will Microchipping My Pet Be Painful?

Pet microchipping is not painful and can be done very quickly at any of our three locations. The microchip is placed just under the skin between the shoulder blades, where your pet can’t scratch. Once in place, the microchip will remain there for life and cause no discomfort to your pet. The microchip itself is about the same size as a grain of rice.

Register Your Cat or Dog Microchip

An unregistered cat or dog microchip will be of no use to you or your pet. When your pet gets microchipped at Dundee Animal Hospital, we take care of registering their microchip ID number into the required database with all your contact information. If a shelter or other animal hospital finds your pet, they can just scan their chip, enter the ID number into the database, and find your contact information.

If any of your contact information changes, be sure to update it in the database.

To learn more about East Dundee microchipping or to make an appointment, simply give us a call at (847) 278-9942!

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