The Three Ps Of Pet Fire Safety

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day and we wanted to share the three P’s of protecting your pets when it comes to fires. Including your pets in your fire safety plan is the the best way to protect them from the effects of a fire.

Pet Fire Safety: Prevent

The first P of pet fire safety is PREVENT. Preventing a fire from happening in the first place is your safest bet when it comes to fire safety. Pets can be curious, and household items and appliances can be potential fire hazards, including exposed wires, stoves, and lit candles. Make sure to pet-proof your house and check for any potential fire hazards that your pet may encounter.

Pet Fire Safety: Prepare

The second P of pet fire safety is PREPARE. Like the Boy Scouts say, it’s important to always be prepared. Making sure you have a plan in place in the event of a fire can save critical minutes during an evacuation. You can get a free pet safety pack, including a pet rescue alert sticker for a house window or door, at the ASPCA’s website here and an emergency preparedness kit checklist at our website here.


The third P of pet fire safety is PRACTICE.  Once you have your emergency kit and plan in place, it’s time to practice.  Ideally, you and your family should practice a home fire evacuation twice a year to keep the information fresh in everyone’s minds.  In addition, if any items in your pet emergency preparedness kit are missing or have been moved, it’ll be a good reminder to replace them in the event of a real emergency.

Knowing the three P’s of pet fire safety can have you and your family prepared in the case of an emergency and can provide you with peace of mind knowing you have a plan in place.